Martin Eve

Martin Eve

Principal R&D Developer


Martin Paul Eve is Principal R&D Developer at Crossref, working on experimental research and development projects for Labs. Martin is also the Professor of Literature, Technology and Publishing at the University of London’s Birkbeck College.






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Testing times

Martin Eve, Wednesday, Apr 3, 2024

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One of the challenges that we face in Labs and Research at Crossref is that, as we prototype various tools, we need the community to be able to test them. Often, this involves asking for deposit to a different endpoint or changing the way that a platform works to incorporate a prototype. The problem is that our community is hugely varied in its technical capacity and level of ability when it comes to modifying their platform.

Credential Checking at Crossref

Martin Eve, Friday, Mar 15, 2024

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It turns out that one of the things that is really difficult at Crossref is checking whether a set of Crossref credentials has permission to act on a specific DOI prefix. This is the result of many legacy systems storing various mappings in various different software components, from our Content System through to our CRM. To this end, I wrote a basic application, credcheck, that will allow you to test a Crossref credential against an API.

What do we know about DOIs

Martin Eve, Thursday, Feb 29, 2024

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Crossref holds metadata for approximately 150 million scholarly artifacts. These range from peer reviewed journal articles through to scholarly books through to scientific blog posts. In fact, amid such heterogeneity, the only singular factor that unites such items is that they have been assigned a document object identifier (DOI); a unique identification string that can be used to resolve to a resource pertaining to said metadata (often, but not always, a copy of the work identified by the metadata).

Increasing Crossref Data Reusability With Format Experiments

Martin Eve, Friday, Jan 19, 2024

In MetadataCommunityAPIs

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Every year, Crossref releases a full public data file of all of our metadata. This is partly a commitment to POSI and partly just what we do. We want the community to re-use our metadata and to find interesting ends to which they can be put! However, we have also recognized, for some time, that 170GB of compressed .tar.gz files, spread over 27,000 items, is not the easiest of formats with which to work.

Feedback on automatic digital preservation and self-healing DOIs

Martin Eve, Thursday, Sep 28, 2023

In Crossref LabsPreservation

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Thank you to everyone who responded with feedback on the Op Cit proposal. This post clarifies, defends, and amends the original proposal in light of the responses that have been sent. We have endeavoured to respond to every point that was raised, either here or in the document comments themselves. We strongly prefer for this to be developed in collaboration with CLOCKSS, LOCKSS, and/or Portico, i.e. through established preservation services that already have existing arrangements in place, are properly funded, and understand the problem space.

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