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InChI Lookup

 2 minute read.
Note: This experiment has been retired. This description has been kept for reference, but many of the links and/or services that appear below no longer work.

The idea is to create a mechanism that would allow Crossref publishers to record InChIs in their submitted Crossref metadata. This, in turn, would allow us to provide a service that would allow users to:

  • Lookup the published articles that mention a particular InChI.
  • Lookup the InChIs mentioned in a published article.

Similar services could, conceivably, be provided for other types of semantic metadata.

The following is a demonstrator of what an DOI2InChI lookup service might look like. Please note that the XML representation of the results is very basic and is not best-practice for linked-data.

The demonstrator currently only holds DOIs and InChIs for a few publishers. A summary of the contents of the database can be found on the status page


A list of all the Crossref DOIs that contain InChIs can be seen here:


A list of all the InChIs that have been registered with Crossref can be seen here:


The system provides the following API calls:

Return all the DOIs that have been registered with a given InChI


Return all the InChIs that have been registered for a given DOI


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