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OpenHandle JavaScript API


thammond – 2008 October 08

In Handle

openhandle-api-small.png (Click figure for PDF.)

I just posted updated versions of the OpenHandle JavaScript Client Library (v0.2.2) and Utilities (v0.2.2) to the project site. Mainly this post is just by way of saying that there’s now a “cheat sheet” for the API (see figure above, click for PDF) which will give some idea of scope. The JavaScript API attempts to reflect the Java Client Library API for Handle data structures, and has in excess of 100 methods. A change log is available.

The new API supports:

  • Single namespace
    • Introspection
      • Unit testing, see here
      Why is this of interest to Crossref? Well, if DOIs are ever to begin take advantage of their innate Multiple Resolution capabiities there needs to be nimbler means of accessing the data items stored with a DOI. A JavaScript API would allow the data to be manipulated in the browser down by the user and so enable bespoke services. That, at least, is the idea.

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