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Look Ma, No Plugins!


thammond – 2008 September 22

In Handle

var f = function (OpenHandleJson) {
  var h = new OpenHandle(OpenHandleJson);
  var hv = h.getHandleValues();
  for (var i = 0; i < hv.length; i++) {     var v = new HandleValue(hv[i]);     if (v.hasType(‘URL’)) {       print(v.getData());     }     else if (v.hasType(‘HS_ADMIN’)) {       var a = new AdminRecord(v.getData());       print(a.getAdminPermissionString())     }   } }

"And that, gentlemen, is how we do that." - Apollo 13

Following on from my earlier Client Handle Demo post, this entry is just to mention the availability of a port of (part of) the Handle client library (in Java) to JavaScript: openhandle-0.1.1.js which is being maintained on the OpenHandle site. The JavaScript module contains methods for three classes: OpenHandle, HandleValue and AdminRecord.

What does all that mean? It means that Handles and their constituent values and value fields can be accessed directly within **any Web browser (using an OpenHandle service) which allows a dynamic Handle client to be generated and presented within a user context. No plugins required. The port mirrors the class methods in the standard Java client library for Handle.

As a demo of this JavaScript module in action, see this Inspector app for a card index view of Handle (and by implication DOI) records.

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